Rav’s Turntables

Single-Session Classes

Inspiration for Torah Study & Teaching

Spark your imagination for any Torah study or d’var Torah, by stopping first at Rav’s Turntables.
Rav’s Turntables is organized by the weekly Torah portions, and it is designed to:

  • Introduce you to the text
  • Kickstart your curiosity through varied media
  • Raise questions and challenges you can cull for your students, study groups or audiences

Elegance & Learning

Designed by Rabbi Alex Kress, each page of Rav’s Turntables contains:

  • a brief summary of the portion
  • lush & evocative images
  • hand-picked music that picks up on a theme (or themes) from the Torah portion
  • a thought-provoking quote
  • study questions

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Sample Page