Passionate discussions on the issues that are inspiring our leaders and thinkers in the Jewish world.

Featured Podcast
Bridging the Racial Divide

Are Jews white? Join Rachel Laser in a challenging discussion on white privilege and being a minority in America.

Welcoming the Stranger

Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, HIAS vice president for Community Engagement, provides an overview of the immigration crisis and HIAS’ role in helping the stranger.

Advocacy & Activism

Rabbi Jonah Pesner discusses the history and work of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

Immigration Ban and the Law

Erwin Chemerinsky discusses the immigration ban, states’ rights issues, and the emoluments suit against the President.


How We Talk About God

Rabbi Michael Marmur explores the way language influences how we think and speak about God.

 Poetry and Translation

Dr. Tzvia Back discusses how her poetic sensibility enables her to inhabit and translate the work of Israeli poet, Tuvia Ruebner.

How We Talk About Disability

Matan Koch leads us through a thoughtful discussion on the language disability and the unintended benefits of privilege.

Memory and Conscience

Alice Greenwald discusses the complexities of memorializing tragic events.

Sinai and Synapses

What is the relationship between science and Judaism? Rabbi Mitelman argues that you can value science and religion without rejecting either.


Torah for Our Times

For Rabbi Denise Eger, Torah helps us navigate the process of living. From acknowledging God’s flaws to living with intention, Rabbi Eger gives us a Torah for our times.


Aging Jewishly

Rabbi Laura Geller discusses Next Stage: Temple Emanuel’s Boomers & Beyond Initiative designed to address the needs of community members fifty and above.


Pioneer Rabbi

As America’s first female rabbi, Sally Priesand reflects on the responsibility of being first and how it has shaped her life.


Supreme Myths

Law professor and author, Eric Segall, investigates central myths about the Supreme Court and its judges.

The Jewels of Judaism

Rabbi Zoë Klein addresses the question, “How do we uncover the richness of Jewish spirituality?”

Shared Society in Israel

Mohammad Darawshe discusses co-existence and equality, two ends of the spectrum in Israel.

Muslim Violence Through a Jewish Lens

Professor Reuven Firestone uses the Bully Pulpit to explain Muslim violence through a Jewish lens.

What Makes Me a Reform Jew?

Rabbi Ellenson examines the tensions of Jews as they moved from seclusion in the pre-modern Jewish world to assimilation and the evolution of Reform Judaism.

Journalism, Jewish Identity and Society

Alana Newhouse, editor-in-chief of Tablet Magazine, takes us on a thoughtful tour of Jewish journalism, identity and culture.


Critique and Rebuke

How far should we go to change someone’s opinion? Rabbi Dr. Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi takes a look at Jewish tradition and draws a line.


American Judaism in Israel

From Liberal Zionism to the state of Israel, Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses Reform Judaism’s strengths and challenges in grappling with today’s pressing issues.


Reach Up Reform Judaism

Rabbi Goldstein encourages her congregation to reach thru their comfort zone to become knowledgable and observant congregants.


Jewish Law in Reform Judaism

Join Rabbi Mark Washofsky as he discusses the impact of law on Jewish life and it’s place within the Reform movement.


Muslims and the Making of America

Dr. Hussain examines how Muslims have shaped and transformed American identity.

SoundCloud Sacks

Music Speaks to Our Experience

Cantor Sacks explores how we can continue to create meaningful worship experiences through music and song.

Is the Jewish Vote Still Liberal in America?

Is the American Jewish Vote Still Liberal? Join Dr. Windmueller and Dean Holo as they unpack the Jewish political landscape.

Enriching Lay Leadership

Rabbi Samuel Joseph takes a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities for building congregational leadership.

Interfaith Worship and Feminist Theology

Professor Walton discusses the challenges of interfaith worship, feminist theology’s long journey and hierarchies in religious institutions.

Being on the Margins

Rabbi Edyth Mencher takes a look at what holds us back from engaging with people we think of as “other.”

Abraham Joshua Heschel’s Legacy

In our first live podcast, Rabbi Marmur discusses Heschel’s legacy and the possibility for community leadership.


Spiritual Parenting

Rabbi Paul Kipnes discusses the deep anxiety, stress and pressure on kids today and offers some wise advice for parents.


Hebrew and Jewish Identity

Why should we care about Hebrew? Rabbi Joshua Weinberg examines Hebrew as the carrier of culture and window into Judaism.


Relational Judaism

From Chabad to Disney, Dr. Wolfson explores how synagogues can incorporate ideas from successful organizations to build stronger communal ties.


American Jewish Identity and Dissent

What defines American Jewish identity? Join Rabbi Goor in a searching discussion on politics and the pulpit.


American and Israeli Jews

American and Israeli Jews diverge in ways fundamental to where they live. Join Alan Cooperman as he explores those differences.

SoundCloud Gottlieb

Judaism in the Digital Age

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb discusses contemporary technologies for the transformation of Jewish learning.

Medieval to Modern Perspectives in Jewish Art

Join Dr. Mann for a wide-ranging discussion on the influence of Jewish craftsmen in the Medieval period to how Jewish art engages with contemporary art.

Faith Matters

Reverend Jennifer Bailey explores how people of diverse backgrounds and racial identities can be brought to a space of equality.

Jewish Texts Matter

Rabbi Aaron Panken discusses the impact and relevance of Jewish texts today.

Hospice, Interfaith and Halakha

Rabbi Scheinerman draws from a wide range of interests as she discusses the needs of the dying, interfaith work and her love of halakha.