Online courses for adults and teens investigating a central Jewish theme through conversations with HUC-JIR scholars and academic experts.

Why Bother? Judaism in an Age of Choice

Launching in December! In this online course for teens, students consider & celebrate Judaism’s special place in the world, by bringing that wider world – secular & religious alike – to Judaism. This kaleidoscope of perspectives eloquently illustrates Judaism’s unique value.


Live-streamed discussions between HUC-JIR scholars in your synagogue. Interactive Q & A with study guide provided for continued learning.

Synagogue Innovation: View from the Vanguard

Jewish life is changing, at all levels and among all demographics. How are we taking that change by the horns rather than allowing it to take us unawares?


Passionate discussions on the issues that are inspiring our leaders and thinkers in the Jewish world.


Featured Podcast
Muslims and the Making of America

Dr. Amir Hussain examines how Muslims have shaped and transformed American identity.


Spiritual Parenting

Rabbi Paul Kipnes discusses the deep anxiety, stress and pressure on kids today and offers some wise advice for parents.


Critique and Rebuke

How far should we go to change someone’s opinion? Rabbi Dr. Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi takes a look at Jewish tradition and draws some lines.