Online courses for adults and teens investigating a central Jewish theme through conversations with HUC-JIR scholars and academic experts.

Why Bother? Judaism in an Age of Choice

In this online course for teens, students consider & celebrate Judaism’s special place in the world, by bringing that wider world – secular & religious alike – to Judaism. This kaleidoscope of perspectives eloquently illustrates Judaism’s unique value.


Live-streamed discussions between HUC-JIR scholars in your synagogue. Interactive Q & A with study guide provided for continued learning.

Israel: Bridging the Divide

The American Jewish conversation on Israel needs a makeover. Weigh in as we get a glimpse into unexpected takes on Israel today.

Passionate discussions on the issues that are inspiring our leaders and thinkers in the Jewish world.

Featured Podcast
Bridging the Racial Divide

Are Jews white? Join Rachel Laser in a challenging discussion on white privilege and being a minority in America.

Sinai and Synapses

What is the relationship between science and Judaism? Rabbi Mitelman argues that you can value science and religion without rejecting either.

Charlottesville: HUC has SOMETHING to SAY

Here are the voices of HUC-JIR scholars and students, reflecting on Charlottesville – giving context to our shared experience.